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Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting! To be honest with you, I am still figuring out what this blog means to me and I am curious to find out what it will eventually become! Over time, the scope of this blog might expand and it might undergo aesthetic redesigns. So, I wantContinue reading “hi!”


I remember what I felt when I created my first web application: nervousness at first, then satisfaction and finally, pride. I had spent a few weeks applying what I had learned in class to build something from scratch. The sense of fulfilment I felt in that situation, reminded me of playing with LEGOs as aContinue reading “Build.”

Lessons learned as a developer: a three-year retrospective

IT’S A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT In the pursuit of quick resolution of tickets, we sometimes forget to give the level of attention to a JIRA, that it deserves. Two driving forces behind this problem are: overzealousness and panic MULTITASKING MAY NOT ALWAYS BE AS COOL AS WE THOUGHT????? Developers should absolutely know how to multi-task – especially when you’reContinue reading “Lessons learned as a developer: a three-year retrospective”

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